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      Chongqing Refine-Yumei Die Casting Co., Ltd. is a die casting products manufacturing enterprise with global advanced aluminum alloy die casting technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and modern enterprise management experience. We stand first on the list in the rapidly changing international market, and become the die casting enterprise leading to the world!
      Chongqing Refine-Yumei Die Casting Co., Ltd. was built industriously by original Liang Jiang Machinery and Yu Jiang Die Casting. The company now owns production workshop with the area of more than 20000 square meters, and office area of more than 2000 square meters. It has more than 400 staffs, and core teams with technology strength. The company also has more than 80 professionals. More than 50% of them have senior professional post title. All the company’s middle and senior managers such as general manager, technical vice president, production manager, and quality manager have worked in the die casting field for many years, and with rich industry experiences. The company keeps improving not only on technologies but also on professional equipments for providing die casting products with high precision and high requirements for clients.
      Chongqing Yumei die casting equipments: 9 sets of 1600-3300 tons of full automatic die casting production units, 10 small die casting machines under 1600 tons, 2 Germany DMG transmission full-automatic production lines, about 50 sets of CNC machining equipments imported from Japan, and CMM, spectrograph, 3D scanning instrument,X-ray fault detector,precise leak detector and other high precision testing equipments. Production line is capable of producing 3000 tons of aluminum alloy die casting and machining capacity annually. Among them, robots collaborative operation has reached international standard, and has taken the leading position in China’s die casting enterprises.
      Domestic and foreign customers, such as Ford, VW, Audi, GE, Linamar, BAW Group and other well-known enterprises with high pressure die casting products, such as cylinder block, cylinder cover, gearbox, oil pan and other middle-large size aluminum alloy die castings.
      Technology Development Center employs foreign casting expert team in a long term, and has R&D softwares such as MAGMA、UG、AUTO CAD and so on. We also built MAGMA simulation workstation, and built long-term technical cooperation relationship with MAGMA. The workstation provides suggestions on producs design optimization in the stage of products design by simulating and technology and mould optimization suggestions in the process of trial production, and effectively controls the success rate of project development and product quality.
      We always regard quality control procedures as the foundation of enterprise survival. The company has imported CMM, spectrograph, 3D scanning instrument, X-ray fault detector and other high precision testing equipments to conduct precise detection and visual inspection on product machining dimension, components, inner shrinkage porosity and other quality issues. It has realized control on characteristics of key products as well as the process by using pre-control charts. The improved management is aimed for providing premium products for clients. It attaches importance to quality and regards quality as the life of enterprise. No quality, no dignity and reputation. Improvement is method, responsibility is foundation, and efficiency is the target.
     Now Chongqing Refine-Yumei Die Casting Co., Ltd. pays more attention to shape the core value with staff, the standard of promoting staff’s overall quality, and the key of fostering a good and healthy company image, and fully arouses the staff's enthusiasm and creativity. By motivating and cultivating the staff effectively, the company respects every employee’s dignity and rights,enriches staff’s amateur cultural lives, and creates a highly harmonious, under friendly, kind, and harmonious atmosphere. Enterprise managers gather talents’ creation power, and we also acutely realize that we should focus on grasping management, increasing benefits, valuing knowledge and talents, and we should retain talents by affection and remuneration to promote the sustainable development of enterprise, and realize the strategic target of vigorous development of enterprise together with talents. Yumei die casting products have won numerous honors domestic and abroad, and have gotten good reputation, and quality assurance of automobile die casting products! 
      We do believe Chongqing Refine-Yumei Die Casting Co., Ltd. can go forward hand in hand with more industries, and create brilliancy!

Corporate vision: to become customers, shareholders, employee satisfaction; social responsibility of enterprises.
                                  "Three satisfaction" endless, with the times;
                                  Social responsibility, highlighting the United States mind, serve the community, return to society;
Core values: trying to change everything
                         "Hard", is life, struggle;
                         "Change" = "innovation", to the concept of innovation as the guide, to strategic innovation as the direction, to organize innovation as the guarantee, technology innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal;
                         "Everything", innovation and change without dead angle
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