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China precision die casting industry development sang promising industry

2016-08-02 14:54:54source:click:186
At present, casting and casting industry in China, singing all the way. According to reports, the growth rate of precision castings last year, the growth rate of about 25%, higher than the National Foundry 18% year growth. The size of the output value of hundreds of billions of dollars of demand. All over the country of automobile and motorcycle accessories, electronic communications, bathroom lock body, clothing hardware etc.. Die casting industry is more and more optimistic about the industry.
Machinery, auto parts, telecommunications, medical, electronics, furniture, clothing, badges etc.. The majority of industries are focused on the development of precision die castings, zinc die casting than major, good casting properties, easy molding, to meet the requirements of the structure of product diversification. Such as: the external teeth, fine teeth and so on can be a one-time molding. Can die casting thin wall to 0.25mm precision parts, casting surface is smooth and there is no magnetic can be colored in the diversification of the surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, painting and so on.
        No corrosion of the mold, non stick mold, has a good mechanical properties at room temperature and wear resistance. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the forming of zinc die casting, such as die, die casting machine, die casting technology and so on. In order to reduce the intermediate link quality disputes and reduce costs, it is recommended that customers choose, there are solid factories, with the mold development, product forming, quality control of a war type enterprise.
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