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China's auto die-casting parts industry has great potential development in t

2016-08-02 14:56:07source:click:186
   With the continuous progress of the level of development of China's automobile industry, the requirements of automotive die-casting parts quality and performance are also getting higher and higher, but in our country the current automotive die-casting parts and components industry level is difficult to adapt to the demand of the development of the automobile industry. Therefore, in the future China Automotive die-casting parts and components industry level rising, the industry will have great market space.
        International Auto Parts Exhibition held in Shanghai earlier, China die casting parts enterprises the main exhibition is some more low-end parts, such as the amount of supplies large aluminum wheels, wheels, bearings and other, but in the field of high technology parts and electronic components still in weak position scene almost no see China's enterprises in the production of these products.
        At the same time, China's car market in 2003 ownership reached 2383 million, automotive components production value reached 3875 billion yuan, which does not include car engine and vehicle parts factory factory production of accessories, to July 2012, our country automobile ownership has reached 114 million cars, auto parts to suppress the output value of over one trillion is not a problem, in the future of China die casting automobile parts industry to enhance the performance of the products and can produce some now can not produce the high technology parts, there will also be a greater market potential waiting to be dug up.
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