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General Motors Co., Ltd.

          General automobile company, the predecessor is Buick Motors Corporation founded by David Buick 1907, 1908, America's largest manufacturer William carriage - C, Durant bought Buick Motor Company and became the general manager of the company, at the same time introduced C car. In order to promote the car, Durant quickly established a distribution network and attracted a large order - far beyond the company's production capacity. By 1908, Buick Motor Company has become the nation's major automobile manufacturers, Durant is to end when the automobile industry hundreds of companies coexist situation, and vigorously support Benjamin Krisko Buick, Ford, Maxwell, Briscoe, Ozzy and several main motor company merger advice about will, but the negotiations because the Ford asking price of $800 million is huge and failed to end. In the same year, Durant to Buick Motor Company and oz automobile company as the foundation established a car holding company -- General Motors (GM), 1909 merged with two other auto companies -- Oakland Motor Company and the Cadillac automobile company.
          GM and its products have touched the lives of millions of consumers in the world for one hundred years. Experienced a hundred years of innovation and development, from 1908 September 16, the most promising start to the Sloan (Alfred Sloan) famous "different wallet, different goals, different models" strategy; from the world's first production car to the first fuel efficiency can reach every hundred kilometers 3.53 liters of fuel (80 miles per gallon) car; from the acquisition of Chevrolet, Opel and Vauxhall in the world famous automobile brand to now focus on the development of new "green" power propulsion technology, development of general automobile market has gone far beyond company was born.
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