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Audi Motor Co., Ltd.

       In today's world famous luxury car brand, Audi (Audi) all can be traced back to more than a century before the 1899 November 14, Karl Benz is located in Mannheim car factory named August Horch (August Horch) Automotive Engineers. In Cologne formed a belongs to own company --August Horch&Cie (Horch). From 1901 onwards, Huo Xi began to produce their own cars. Soon Huo Xi on the use of products and inventions to show his genius, and set up the Hoch as a car brand awareness. Huo Greek companies have launched a car equipped with two cylinder and four cylinder engines, Horch I invented the whole cast cylinder, and in some car race car from the battle of winning a trophy.
      "Listen to me!" - "Horch" - "Audi" (Audi)
      In June 1909, an engine test failure, resulting in a fierce quarrel for Horch himself and other investors, naturally rebellious Horch huff left the company named in his name, a separate portal, the establishment of the a new Huo Greek companies. However, new company in a subsequent infringement lawsuit lost Horch company, so the name of the new company into the head scratching. Legitimate Horch and partner Fikenchur M therefore their brains international, Fikenchur M's youngest son aside to do Latin homework, he read the "Audi" diction fathers lifted. It turned out, "Horch" for the "listen" to "listen" command style "listen to it!" The Latin word for "Audi" (Audi). The name of the new Audi company and the company is not only different from the company, but also linked. So on April 25, 1910, a great car brand is inadvertently was born, it used a western the oldest international language issued a "listen" - "Audi" sound, the sound has echoes of the nearly a century. In July of the same year, the first to "Audi" named after the car was born, the car is a shop owner in Munich Zeidler all.
       Huo hopes for the product set a high profile"
       From the start, Hoch has set a "high profile" for his company's products: "I am determined to produce large, high horsepower, high quality luxury cars in all cases!" Whether it is in the company or in the Audi company is the case. This is the Audi company has so far suffered and unwavering purpose: to the leading technology, to develop high-end car market.
       After the company in the hope that the Huo Xi left, basically inherited the Hoch I design thought, the Huo Xi brand car positioning in the strong horsepower, excellent quality, decorative luxury image. In the fall of 1926 Berlin auto show launched the Horch 8 car, is the company a significant meaning of the car. It uses eight cylinder in-line engine, is Germany's first, its advanced technology, a high level of performance and excellent reliability become the German automobile industry quality representative, known as the symbol of the auto industry "thriving" in the 1920s, become the object of all competitors are competing to imitate. It is also this Horch 8, so that the company firmly establish the company's high-end luxury brand image, and lay a solid foundation for the day after the top luxury car market to lead the car.
       Four for a new company with the fourth ring sign
       And Audi company from the day of birth, the pursuit of high-quality products, high-grade. Its production of D type car is designated as a Saxon king and government vehicles, the company's daily production to before the outbreak of the first World War has caught up with the Huo clan brother and rival Greek companies. 1923 - Audi as the Swedish Royal manufacturing car equipped with delicate hand washing pool saddle elephant skin, sewing, can be described as a luxury to the extreme. In 1927, Audi's R car, "the ruling" is the most advanced technology in Germany, the luxury car. A 1935 production of Audi cars, the price of 10300 Mark, which was only 100 of the average wage for the Germans, Mark, is quite expensive.
       In June 29, 1932, Audi, Huo Xi, Rover (Wanderer) and a small miracle DKW four car manufacturers in Chemnitz city set up a car Union Corporation (Union AG Auto). In the interior of the Auto Union, four brand aimed at specific target markets: DKW bear the motorcycles and small cars market, Rover is responsible for the manufacture of medium-sized cars, Audi in the production of high-grade car, Horch manufacturing super luxury cars. Four for a new company with a new logo, which is very familiar with the city of Victoria signs.
       Automobile alliance quickly grew into the second largest auto company in Germany
In 30s the production of car possession of the German market share of 1/4, the annual output of more than 67000.
      Today, people are talking about, in the Mercedes Benz revival of the Maybach brand, Audi will revive Huo hope this ancient noble brand, resulting in the formation of the global car market Huo Xi, Maybach, Rolls Royce (BMW), (all Volkswagen) super luxury brand of the "four kings" Bentley Dingli pattern? The answer was No. Because, unlike the other three super luxury brand owners, Audi is Horch this super luxury brand clan of the lineal descendants, the two have the same gene. In other words, Audi is the hall, the so-called difference is just the different pronunciation of the two languages.
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